Friday, February 5, 2010


Dont let a bit of water scare you. The ride is on no matter what. I'm hanging out to have a brew at Macas after the ride. So Ill be there, rain hail or shine. No Wendy's soft serve tomorrow. Its concrete time.

Im going to let all of you in on a small secret of mine. I have been doing a little "mental core" training in the winter when it never seems to rain, just to toughen me up. Once a week I have been putting my rollers outside, and underneath the sprinkler in the blistering cold and going for it.

Rule 1. The sun has to be down.
Rule 2. Dont let the neighbours see you.

This sort of training has help me to become the cyclist I am today, and has taught me to cope with any weather condition that is brought upon us. Harden up guys. Get under the sprinkler.