Saturday, February 6, 2010


It all started off as per normal. Zulu laying down the law about pot holes. And explaining how to put your mate in one if you don't like him. And the pot hole was found, just spotted a little bit too late then what we all would have liked... sorry cam.
NEWS FLASH. Lord Garmin just sent in the average speed for the ride. 34.89 kmph. No wonder there were riders going out the back like a drug bust in a night club.
The double bump pump step class caught up on Bush Slasher, not able to do his repeats of haddock, actually, no-one recalled him doing a single haddock after the smash. One of the many Wendy's today.
Dominic enjoyed his saturday hell ride back to maccas after being caught out on the way back from Targinnie at church hill. One day Dom.. one day. Yet to say, Dominic is improving every ride.

Great ride from Marty, Mick and Kat. The three soldiered over Cockatoo Dr. Or limped.
The last four Wendys of the day were Chrissy Anderson, Wiff, Big Greyhound and Myself.
Although I did class myself as a soft serve this morning, I have an excuse. It's in my program not to do Cockatoo Drive. I will just be sticking with the sprinklers.