Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Crocodile Ride

If I thought Thursday night was windy, this morning was 10 times worse. To make things worse, there were quite a few horses missing from the bunch today. This of course meant that there were fewer places to hide when the going got tuff.

Welcome back to Thomas. At the start of the ride, we all heard every excuse under the sun as to why Thomas had been in hiding for the past few weeks and months. You sure picked a great ride to come back on Thomas.

For those of us that undertook the hitters ride, it was hard work all of the way - well for me anyway. The wind was 90% headwind and crosswind from the Yarwun turnoff all the way back to Calliope. LG and Thunder appeared to be in a battle of their own up the front and on every climb whilst the rest of us struggled to just hold wheels.

The bunters some how forgot that Haddock existed on the way back in from Calliope with Rob being the only rider interested in the climb. Unable to convince any of his compatriots to join him, he too took advantage of the strong tailwind back into town. Oh, dogs are whispering in the pack that Rob is actually riding pretty strong. Keep your eyes on this one.

Good luck to all of those riders who are participating in tomorrows Mt Cootha challenge. Keep an eye out for "Martymaree" riding in the 40 - 45 year old womens division. If you win guys, you may have some explaining to do!