Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Fairy Floss Ride

Somehow I managed to pick up the name Fairy Floss at the Hanson Road lights. I don't know if it was because I was riding like fairy floss - soft - or because I looked like fairy floss - pink jersey - or because I'm just like fairy floss - sweet!!! Sorry, its mid afternoon and I'm a bit wacked from this mornings smash.

Paceline average was 40.37k/hr. For me, what stuck about this mornings paceline was Chrissy A and Stu the Barber. Chrissy A never skipped a beat until after the port roundabout. Stu was like a little yapping dog - not quite strong enough to pull continuous turns, but yapping constantly to come back through for another turn once he had recovered from his last effort.

Martina and Bushy slugged it out to the top of the Haddock extention. Bushy got there in the end but its rumored that Martina "didn't know where the top was" when they reached the summit!! A likely excuse Martina - you won't be able to use that one next week!!

In cycling, for every one week you have off the bike, it takes three weeks to regain what you lost. After today, I reckon I've still got a long 6 months in front of me!!