Friday, March 5, 2010

Thursday Ride - 4th March

I think BSB was on the money when he said it was more reliable to look out the window and check the sky as opposed to relying on the BOM site. It happened again last nite... all clear on the BOM site, with a big downpour 2 minutes before we rode out!!

Lauren didn't have a great start to the ride, coming off on the first roundabout. Just a reminder to the to everyone to call out when a fellow rider has had a mishap. We're all there to look after each other!!! Thankfully all was good with Lauren and she completed the ride with her Dad Ray.

BSB was hiding in the bushes and launched a surprise bunch attack as we passed through the marina on lap one. It was noticed that just about everyone was pointing out the "kissy lips" on the speed humps!! Guess no-one is too keen to come off!

Bushy dragged a long a fellow work mate to last nites ride. Welcome to the bunch Mitch. And speaking of Bushy - Happy Birthday for yesterday mate!!

Thanx for the push Bloomers!