Thursday, March 4, 2010


The Wednesday night smash started out with the usual
circumstances, being the same old wednesday night ride.

Everything was the same. The Dom was dropped at Orica, leaving the rest of the bunch to wait at the Yarwun turnoff. Ben Ten and Bush Slasher went for a big hit out across the way.

It was strange to meet BSB at the village, waiting to tell us about the river. We had to check it out. It was flowing above the bridge, with swells and a higher mark of where the water was before we turned up.

The bunch turned around, and proceeded down the main highway towards calliope. the original bunch was split into two, with Slasher, Ben 10, The DOM, BSB and Chrissy Andersen leaving Thunder, The ZULU, Maree and Brad behind. Truck after truck after truck after truck. I now know why we dont use the main highway for training rides! Especially at night.

I don't know what happened to the main bunch as Brad (Grain Fed) got a flat coming into calliope. Lucky Missus Zulu had some mozzy spray and Matty had the gas!