Monday, March 29, 2010

The Week That Was

Last week was a week of flatties for the riders of the M1 bunch.......

Tuesday: Tuggy started the week off in spectacular fashion with another explosive flat in the paceline just after the bridge near stickmakers. Being the kind, caring riders that we are, the bunch continued on its speeding way and picked up Tuggy on the way back!

Wednesday: Chrissy A was the next one to blow out - also in spectacular fashion. On the downhill run in the middle of the River Ranch Hill circuit, Chrissy blew the front tyre. I tell you what Chrissy, you did well to keep your bike up right and yourself off the bitumen.

Thursday: Thanx to some late pot-hole pointing by the bunch, Cam ended up straight in the middle of a tyre-muncher just before the dirt section near Blain drive. Being Cam's first tyre change, there was no pressure to see how fast he could fix the flat.... well, maybe just a little pressure!!