Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Bunter Magic Ride

A smaller than usual bunch rolled out from the start this morning, and the split at Yarwun was pretty uneven. Only three turning left for the Bunters float - Pyney, Cam and Joan. I'll take the opportunity to let you all know that Pyney intends to continue doing the Block rides ALL THROUGH THE WINTER - go hard Pyney. Next week Pyney will be heading around the Block at the usual time of 4:45am. Anyone who is keen to keep doing the Block is welcome to turn up.

Back to the riding. The 9 of us that turned right at Yarwun were in Easter mode and turned early at the Church. Back at Yarwun, Sweeny Todd gave me the quote of the week, if not the summer - "This pace isn't much faster than the Bunters ride". Um, I don't know if you were intentionally trying to wave a red flag to all the bulls in the pack Stu, or if you were just having a bit of fun, but either way - you got a reaction!! In all seriousness, for your first hitter ride Stu, you rode well. No turning left for you next summer.

At the coffee shop, Dark Horse gave us a display of his awesome power, splitting his full water bottle with his bare hands - covering himself and Ray with water at the same time! Nice one Dark Horse.