Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Dengue Ride

There were great expectations last nite for a huge number to turn up for the smash around the block. Alas, only six of us rolled out from the shop, collecting Dead Wood along Hanson Road. You scored a new name now Woody cause I thought you were riding in the box last nite.

SpyCat is well on the mend, pulling a turn of 45k/hr across the salt flats - spiking at 50k, I might add. Good thing you were taking it easy last nite mate!!

Zulu scored a flat at the bottom of debrief hill - right in the middle of axe wielding mozzie and sandfly land. The mozzies weren't really axe wielding, we were just spooking ourselves out discussing Van Diemens Land the movie and dengue fever. It was really great conversation!!!

The Silent Assassin blew his front light around River Ranch hills. We should have put a bell on you Ray so we knew where you were - you kept scaring me, sneaking around like that!

And no Zulu, just because the transponder is on my bike, I will NOT be doing the time trial this weekend!