Monday, April 19, 2010

Racing Results - 17th April

Saturday afternoon was the first road race for the Rocky season with a scratch race at the Caves. The course was a little different this time as it included Barmoya Road - a 5.5k out and back berg feast. To add to the bergs was the usual blustry conditions, complete with cruel cross winds from all directions.

A grade - Dark Horse was the best place of the Gladstone riders, coming in behind Wormy and Spec to claim 3rd place. Thunder and Zulu rounded out the top 5. In his first race for the season, Bushy found the pace a little hot from the start and had a bit of a solo ride home. Don't worry Bushy - we've all been in that boat before!

B grade - The Silent Assassin looked like he had the goods throughout the first 40ks of the race. A few unsucessful breakaway attempts saw the bunch stay together until the last 10k. Unfortunately for Ray, he blew a tyre in the last 10k and DNF'.

C grade - The Dominator rode well for the first part of the race - remaining unnoticed in the bunch and getting a bit of x-wind on his chest. The pace eventually took its toll and Dom also had a bit of solo time to finish the race. The Dom very proudly texed that he came 3rd last! You rode well Dom. Flossy pulled off a 2nd place.