Friday, April 2, 2010

Thursday & Friday Rolls

Thursday nite saw the bunch take an alternative route to avoid the Harbour Festival which was in full swing and the dirt section near the dump that has grown by an extra couple of hundred metres.

I think everyone would agree that the best part of last nites ride was getting off the bikes and out of the traffic!!!! For a moment I thought we were riding in Brisbane!!

This mornings float was a much calmer and smaller affair with a bunch of only 6 rolling out from Bunny's at 6:03am. We did pick up an extra two before reaching Maccas.

A rather slim looking Bloomers met the bunch at Maccas - pretty impressive timing Bloomers. After our discussion about Bloomers weight loss secret, I'm wondering if anyone will be ordering coffee and muffins tomorrow morning???

Next weeks time trial will be interesting with Slacko Brother Andy testing a new "Glad-Wrap" skin suit. Not quite sure if I want to see that one or not??

On a belated note - congratulations to Ben 10 who finished 4th in last weeks Mooloolaba triathalon in the elite division.