Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tour Of Coleraine

Hmmm.. its kind of hard to know where this story starts. Was it driving to Hamilton in Victoria on Friday afternoon - the last hour and a half of the trip completely uphill? Or does it begin with the final 3k decent into Coleraine? Or perhaps realising that you're carrying more than 10kg than the riders beside you collecting race numbers - and they were all blokes? I'm hoping you're getting the picture I'm trying to paint.

Race 1 - For me it was 71ks. For Thunder it was 94ks. For both of us it was as windy as Spinnaker Park on a Thursday nite, it was as rainy as the Saturday morning Tuggy promised the rain was "just about finished" and as hilly as a scene from the Sound of Music.

The road out of town was about the distance of Haddock, but with no flat spots to recover - and it wasn't even a KOM! The first KOM was still another 10k down the road! It was a race of sufference for both of us. The longer you could suffer, the more pain you could tolerate, the longer you could hang on to the BACK of the pack. I won't mention the riders that were jumping from the front in both races!

In the end, I came home in 13th place in a field of 24 and Thunder came home in 29th place in a field of about 60.

Race 2 - Thunder's effort in the road race saw him line up for the Crit with badly scorched, cramping legs. Its difficult to back up for this type of racing with only 2 hours recovery between each race. It makes you tougher as a bike rider.

Highlight of racing on Saturday was watching the A grade field complete the crit. The peleton was like a swarm of well precisioned bees. You could hear them coming, before you could see them. And you know their going fast when the follow car struggles to keep pace through the corners!

I believe the Tour should be more appropriately named the Tour Of Bergsville. Was it worth it? You betcha. And as Damo Harris said - Victoria is DEFINATELY where the racing is at.