Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Labour Day Cup

A good number of M1 riders made the trip up to Rocky on Monday for the annual Labour Day Cup Handicap - Tuggy, SpyCat, The Proclaimer, Grainfed, Silent Assassin, Thunder, The Dominator and Flossy. Bushy piked late on Sunday nite - apparently he couldn't get himself organised in time!

Although only a relatively short distance, the Labour Day Cup is one of the races that is hotly contested each year. Perhaps it has something to do with the great big trophy thats up for grabs! I do believe that one M1 rider was overheard saying that he would have "tried harder" if he knew there was a trophy!

Tuggy somehow managed to score himself a relatively "soft" starting mark - a minute and a half in front of SpyCat and Flossy. Go figure? The Dominator somehow managed to make a "wrong turn" on an out-and-back course. Go figure?

Ride of the day went to Grainfed who came home in 4th place, closely followed up by Tuggy the Soft. I also have to mention that Thunder claimed the bunch kick - he still hasn't shut up about it. And remember Proclaimer, POSITION, POSITION, POSITION!