Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Last Wed Nite Block Ride

8 riders fronted for the ride only to find out the fearless leader was pulling a sicky.

The King doesn't miss many. Rolling out of town was marred by a driver deliberately giving the bunch a close shave even though there was a clear right hand lane available. Brad fortunately moved left as the car squeezed by. The wider horse float that it towed, came within a few centimetres. Lowered silver magna, trailer rego 424QJJ???

Some bunches will turn into rabble without a shepherd to watch over them, but the discipline was very good last night. The pace out to Yarwun was uniform and civilised. Best yet. There was a very exciting moment passing the Orica turn off. A stop sign has been placed in the middle of the turning lane at head height. Being edge on, it is difficult to see and would produce horrific facial injuries if struck at 40kph. Some late calls from the back of the bunch saw us just get past. Be careful and aware.

The rest of the ride was very courteous and incident free. Most doing the hills. As for yours truly and Mrs Zulu.... the hills were doing us!

Good riding fellas (and Mrs Zulu) and a welcome to new M1 rider, Peter Barnwell from Brisbane.