Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Results

For those who headed north on Saturday - it was a pretty darn successful trip.
A grade - Zulu snared a third place in the Kremese. Dark Horse and the Proclaimer also came in with the bunch.

B grade - Bush Slasher was pipped just on the line to claim second place. A much better result than Bushy's first race at the Caves.

D grade - The Dominator had an absolute blinder and claimed victory in his 3rd race of the year. After the start you've had Dom, its great to see you come up trumps with a win.

For those who ventured south to the State Criterium, it wasn't as successful.

Masters 2 - IJ claimed a 5th place after being in a breakaway during the race. Unfortunately, the break didn't stick and they were pulled back to the bunch.

Masters 4 - A breakaway of three riders stayed clear from about 15minutes and claimed the first three places. Mind you, the bunch was breathing down their necks in the finishing straight. Some bad positioning in the last lap saw Thunder hit a bit of wind too far from the line - leaving the King without a crown. Thunder did manage a 7th place. A credible finish for most, but don't mention it to Matty.

Masters 5 - Fossil had a good dig at a solo break about 20 minutes into the race. Gaining around a 15 second advantage, it looked as though Fossil may stay away for a sneaky victory. As with IJ's race, the bunch got their act together and pulled him back in. A great display though Fossil.