Monday, June 7, 2010

Canelands Classic

With no racing on in Rocky this weekend, HandiCat, Thunder, Dark Horse and the Proclaimer ventured down to Bundy for the 70k handicap race known as the Canelands Classic.

Somehow Dark Horse managed to snare a 3minute start in front of the Proclaimer and Thunder?????????? The boys were sure that Dark Horse had victory sealed up before the race kicked off. Alas, as it goes in racing - it wasn't to be with Dark Horse scoring a puncture in the race.

In the end, the scratchies got up and call all of the bunches in front. In the finish - which just happened to include the biggest berg of the race - our adopted Rocky rider Ada came in 7th and Proclaimer managed to land an 8th place for his efforts.

Good job boys.