Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Fixie Ride

With the Canelands Classic on this afternoon, the numbers were down on this mornings ride. Thomas finally made an appearance after many months of non-existence in M1 land - apparently the fish weren't biting this morning.

Finally after many years of searching, I finally discovered a nickname for Chrissy A - other than Chrissy A. Floyd. Not Floyd Landis as Thunder first guessed, but Floyd as in Pink Floyd. Floyd's rather "in your face" jersey is one that he picked up from the States and its all about Pink Floyd.

The Dominator copped some major spraying in the paceline from the King for TOO MANY gear changes. At maccas it was decided that should the Dom ever upgrade to electronic Di2 he would need three battery packs per ride, just to cope with the gear changes.

Speaking of maccas, the Silent Assassin scored major Brownie points with the riders when he jumped in the right hand land at the roundabout and went straight in for a coffee - no Haddock and no Kirkwood. A true roadie Silent Assassin - you can ride with me anyday!!

Early reports from the Canelands Classic are that the scracthies caught all the riders, with super coach Wormy escaping off the front with another rider in the final few k's......