Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Goldylocks Ride

Before we left the shop the smoothies outnumbered the furries last nite by about 9 to 4. Well done smoothies.

On the first lap (in blustery conditions) the pace was either TOO HOT or TOO COLD. A few big motors had turned up on the ride and were arching up the pace - particularly in the tailwind sections!!

Luckily on the second lap we managed to ge the pace - JUST RIGHT for almost the entire lap.

On the third lap, Dominator jumped the bunch for the kick. Luckily Dom remembered that the gates to Spinnaker were closed. For some reason I was having visions of cleaning Dom off the gate grills in the dark!!!

Dogs are talking that Pyney will no longer be eligible to turn left with the bunters on the sometime block rides with all the ekky k's he is putting in! A pre-welcome to the hitters bunch Pyney!!

A very enjoyable ride for all. Next week, charge your lights SpyCat. Flat batteries are no excuse for an early leave pass!!!