Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Nagging Bunch Wife Ride

There was a good turn out for this mornings Bunny's ride with a mixture of extremely fresh and extremely hammered legs in the pack. It would appear that Tuggy didn't race hard enough yesterday as the pace arched up as soon as Tuggy got a bit of wind on his chest. Mind you, Tuggy also had good company in the likes of Sweeny Todd, Dave the Dentist and the Dom.

SpyCat was the first "self-elected" female bunch PM and was constantly chasing down riders on the front who were getting a little carried away with the pace!! Good to see a woman take charge SpyCat!! Bushy was also in cattle dog mode on occasion - rounding up the odd stray rider.

Bushy just about had all the ekky riders in tears when he rode up the Kirkwood climb with no hands in the big ring. I couldn't watch you towards the end Bushy - you were destroying me!!

A very enjoyable Sunday ride.