Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ray Of Sunshine

Tonights ride didnt start with as many riders as we would have liked. But what we lacked in numbers, we made with new talent. The ride brang along a 12 year old dynamo, Clayton. I will type on behalf of ALL the group and say that he really did surprise everyone. Although drying matty up all his water, Clayton put in a top effort and hung on all the way.

Silent Assassin lead the majority of the ride, and took us to his newly groomed track, "SUNSHINE". I will tell you all that Thunder did name the trail at the end of the ride after Raymond and that song that matty started singing. Dont worry guys, i will find out who sung the song.

Keep an eye out for a social day where first prize is a $1000 picture frame from Ken, and a $500 picture frame for second. Cheers for organising that matty!

All them furry leggged MTBers out there, lets beat the roadies next tuesday, see you there!