Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Show Down Rides

Arriving at the back of the shop around 5:15pm, it was looking pretty dismal for the Roadies - we were severely out-numbered by the "hairy legged" mountain bike crew. By 5:25 the numbers had evened up with the Roadies even sticking their noses in front at one point.... but alas, at 5:28 the Zulu and Wazza turned up on their tractor tyred bikes. Final score - Roadies 8, Hairy Legs 10.

Pyney and I have sworn to embark on a recruitment drive during the week to ensure we have victory at next Tuesday nites showdown!!

As we all left the shop, the Hairy Legs led the way - the pace was sllllllooooooowwwwwww. That would explain why my average speed was down for the ride. I must admit, there was an awful lot of playful heckling going on for the first few hundred metres until the Hairy Legs final got off the road!

Wazza was having a few issues getting his feet out of the cleats on his first nite time MTB ride and ended up with a bit of a nasty bite on his leg from his front chain rings. Its also a good thing that the Dominator "knew" the tracks where they were riding. Just ask him.

The Roadies had a pretty smooth ride, although at times it did appear that we were getting faster and faster with every lap!! I promise to work on my Woof for next week guys - thanx for giving me a hand Tuggy... you do a much better barking job than I do!!