Friday, June 4, 2010

The Speed Date Ride

For some reason, Thursday nite rides seem to simulate what you would expect from a Speed Dating meeting. You know, where you get 2 minutes beside a rider before the dog barks and you roll onto the next rider. Where am I going with this?? I have no idea - but I blame Proclaimer. He started it!

Let's get onto the serious stuff - like the actual ride. Perfect conditions, Perfect bunch, Perfect Perfect Perfect. The bunch even convinced Peanut to single out along Blain drive past the dump. We were like sands through an hour glass, a 16 rider snake with sparkling red tail lights glistening in the nite, cruising along. I'm trying to say that the single file thing worked a treat. Much safer.

Good luck for tomorrow Pyney - hope its not too chilly around the block. Good luck also to everyone heading to Bundy for the Canelands Handicap. Bring back a scalp or two + the winners trophy.