Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thanks For The Ride

7 including me started, Sweeney Todd and Lauren joined us to Calliope, leaving myself, Rocksolid Raymondo, SpyCat, Grainfed & Cameron to complete the epic. The ride down was a little chilly as the fog only cleared up once reaching Ubobo shop & Grainfed returned to a lighter shad of purple coz of the lack of any arm warmers or gloves (who then proceeded to enjoy an ice-cream!!!!!!!

Refuelled for the return we met Bushy near Dawson on his way down for a solo trip. At this point Grainfed was set to ride back to Ubobo to squeeze in another 100k's but soon changed his mind to catch us back up at Calliope cross roads only due to the fact that he had no water left.

Now with some 130 odd kms' on the clock SpyCat suggest we should "do Haddock on the way back" (only because its 6ks shorter to home). The look on Cam's face was priceless. However we all managed it. Round trip turned out to be 155k's for me, I think some of the others had more.

It was a great ride with great company.
Cheers BSB.