Friday, June 18, 2010

Thursday Nite Ride - 17th June

Having missed the start of the ride last nite, I decided to head in the reverse direction through the marina to catch up with the bunch. The bunch was actually pretty easy to spot last nite. Coming into the GPA roundabout, all I could see to the left was this looooooong string of AYUP lights heading towards Spinnaker Park. It looked impressive.

It was a super big bunch last nite, 20 riders in total. If Livestrong had of turned up - it would have been 21!! Next week Livestrong. With the large number of riders, the number of turns at the front was pretty minimal. I think I hit the wind about twice all nite - just the way I like it!!

Tuggy, LG, Grainfed and SpyCat disappeared on the second lap to go and do a few ekky J Hickey circuits - J Hickey's must be the reason you guys are getting so lean!!!

Any ideas on who won the kick on the third lap????

Oh, and a piece of advice for everyone. Never ride without socks.