Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The BBQ Ride

If I can recall correctly, last nites ride was pretty evenly matched between the furries and the smoothies. Even if that is so, we still looked better. More bling!!

Darryl was very proudly displaying his new machine - a very lovely Orbea. I have to say Darryl that it appears that your new machine has made you ride about 5k's faster than the ol Fuji!!!

Someone on the ride - I won't mention names to save embarrassment !! - was very proud of the fact that they have been practicsing "snot blowing" - roadie style!!! Perhaps the remarks about Terese's Nana hankey on Sunday morning hit a nerve... whoops!!

Note for next weeks ride - eat before riding. Its no good being hungry and riding through the Marina and smelling everyone else's bbq dinner!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn it smelt good.