Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Belated Race Results

Tuggy put the guilts on me this morning. Yes, I've been busy with real world responsibilities - hence the lack of blogging. Sorry guys!!!

Anyway, this weekend was the Yarwun handicap - and what a FANTASTIC day it was for all M1 riders!!!!

Its hard to know where to start with the results - everyone across all divisions raced brilliantly.

In F grade - The newest riding member of the Newell clan, Chloe, made her racing debut for the 10k event. I don't know who was prouder - Chloe for finishing or the Proclaimer and SpyCat???

In E grade - Rapunzel was a clear victor - by a country mile!!! Jordie had some bad luck with a puncture around the half way mark, but put in an awesome effort to mow down a few riders and finish 4th.

A, B, C, D grade combined - Somehow - perhaps with a little bribery???? - Bloomers had the handicap mark of the year. Too strong for what was left of his starting bunch, Bloomers took out victory with a two handed salute.

Sweeny Todd - in his first race - claimed 5th spot. A very good effort Stu.

Well done to everyone who turned up and had a race!!!