Sunday, July 18, 2010

C2B Results

Firstly and most importantly - a big thanx to Pyney, Ekka, BSB, Silent Assassin, Cam, Mrs Dom and Fossil who all helped out in some way today. With out you guys, we wouldn't have been able to have the C2B in the first place! Special thanx also to Croz who took the time to ride out and see us all off!

A grade (160k) - In a small bunch finish, Cameron "wormy" Jennings from Rocky took out line honours.

B grade - One of our adopted riders Ada claimed victory, with the Proclaimer storming home in a close 2nd place. Ben 10 and Bushy had victory in their sights in the last few k's of the race, but some hard work by the chasing bunch - especially Dark Horse - saw the boys caught with just 3k to go. Sounds just like Le Tour.

C and a half grade - Grainfed, who is looking extremely grainfed in the legs had the ride of the day (from my humble point of view!!) and claimed 2nd place at the finish. For a majority of this race, Tuggy, Grainfed and SpyCat lived at the front of the bunch. An unselfish act from Bloomers saw Tuggy get back into the race just before the range when he punctured and Bloomers donated his wheel. This is sounding even more like Le Tour.

D grade - Well, The Dom managed to find his way to Bilo in one go - no wrong turns today for Dom. Reports from Cam are that Dom went up the range in his big chain ring! His efforts landed him KOM. Another big chain ring effort - with a cadence of about 40 - by The Dom saw him on the front of the pack with 1k to go coming into the finish...... and yes, The Dom held them off and took out victory!!!! 20minutes after the finish, The Dom was still reliving the race with some Sprint training along Dawson Highway!!

An absolutely fantastic result for all M1 riders - the training and hard work has paid off for all!!!