Friday, July 23, 2010

The JJ Malaysian Ride

I'm pretty sure that it was a bit of a record number of riders last nite.... I counted 23???? A couple of new riders as well - Adam McFadzen on an old school Trek + Zulu's mate from the big smoke.

Before the bunch rolled out, Ben from the new Malaysian restaurant added a bit of incentive for the bunch kick at the end of the ride - Free dinner for the winner. Strangely enough, Von Strudel was all keen to get sprinting from the get go!!! I have no idea who actually got the kick - so the winner needs to come forth and claim their prize!! Make yourself known to Von Strudel at the shop.

Either the dog bark got lost in the big pack or Von Strudel was taking the kick seriously, as there was some long turns happening at the front of the pack. We pretty much had to take care of ourselves for the dog rollover!!

Ps - the Malaysian is actually pretty darn tasty... and Ben is super friendly. Von Strudel couldn't resist the temptation to sample some after the ride.