Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Story Land Ride

This mornings ride started off in the chilly cold with Von Strudel and Whiffo rolling us out at the start. By the time we had made it through the railyards, Von Strudel and Whiffo had been converted to Percy and The Fat Controller.

Percy - the little brother of Thomas (who has disappeared off the face of the M1 earth) who also pushes the same ENORMOUS gear and half wheels anyone next to him. As all mothers with boys know, Percy is actually Thomas' little brother :)
The Fat Controller - a rather umm... appropriate name for Von Strudel. Percy, this was the come back of the century.

Rapunzel was still having problems with the big ring and the bunch had problems finding its way to maccas along the dump road - surely no one was considering an extra lap????

Good luck to everyone racing tomorrow. In the words of some one famous - Don't drop that wheel. Stay safe and see you all in Bilo.

Ps - anyone racing Tuggy, watch out. Apparently he's feeling great... feeling great and gonna dish out some pain tomorrow!! Fantastic Tuggy - can't wait.