Sunday, July 25, 2010

Zulu V The Wild

Zulu = tough warrior.

However, surprisingly, our resident Zulu also enjoys his creature comforts. Embarking on a 200k round trip to Many Peaks and return with his trusty companion - Toto (that's another story!) - Zulu fronted up fully loaded with gas stove, cups, a water bottle full of milk and a stash of baked beans!! True story - it had to be seen to be believed.

Apparantely, a hot white coffee along the way to Many Peaks is worth carrying all of the extra gear and weight???

Well done to everyone who rode from Many Peaks back into town. All made it safely, with only the Silent Assassin scoring a flat during the 100k ride.

The bike Von Strudel donated for the event, was auctioned for $950 - with all funds going to the school chapilants.