Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day Three - Pavement and Trek Women

This morning it was a bit hard to get out of bed - I think there was a serious delay in jetlag. Thunder was definately feeling the effects of travel and was wide awake, bright eyed and bushy tailed at 1:35am this morning.

The day kicked off with a session on the 2011 Pavement bikes. These are the FX series or flat bar bikes. Trek have made a really impressive improvement in the FX range of bikes - its called Isozone technology. Basically its an improvement to the handle bars, more importantly the section where your hands spend most of the time. There is a gel section attached to the actual bar and is finished off with a uniquely designed grip. We test rode the 2011 FX 7.6 on Monday morning, and this was the first thing I noticed. Its definately a big improvement for comfort. The Isozone bars are now standard on the FX range from 7.3 upwards.

The Trek Women was one of the most interesting sessions for me so far - for obvious reasons. There are some pretty impressive stats in relation to the 2010 WSD range of bikes. In the US, the Trek Skye is the number one selling womens mountain bike in the market. Trek is also the largest supplier of womens bikes in the US - and this is spreading globally. In 2010, the WSD range was one of the fastest growing sectors of Trek. Because of these facts, Trek have now employed a full time branding and marketing manager for the Trek Women division.

For 2011, Trek Women have introduced a 29er (a 29er is a bike with 29 inch wheels instead of 26 inch wheels) in the MTB area. The 29er gives women more traction and contact with the ground, giving them more confidence. The MTB area is a specific focus for Trek Women in the forth coming years.

One of the things that has struck me the most about the 2011 Trek World has been how much research and development goes into every single Trek and Bontrager product - every year. Its an ongoing process - not just a once off. Every year they are looking at the product, getting reviews from team riders and making subsequent improvements. Its something that has really impressed me. Trek certainly know their stuff.

This afternoon is the close of Trek World for us. It involves looking at more of the product up close and a trip to John Burkes place.