Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day Two

Day two was all about learning. We spent a session on the 2011 MTB, 2011 Road /Triathalon and 2011 product. I think that was it - jetlag was kicking in pretty badly around the 2pm mark.

For me, the most impressive piece introduced by Trek for the 2011 year is definately the Speed Concept series 9 and series 7 bikes. Both series bikes are THE proven fastest triathlon bikes in the market - by a huge percentage. Trek have already done the wind tunnel and rolling resistance testing to support these claims. In real terms, if you're doing Ironman events, the Speed Concept bike will take off 3 minutes from your bike leg time - for no extra effort. The attention to detail with this bike is something else - the integrated front brakes, that are built directly into the frame, the "wing" designed seat mast / post area of the bike and the really cool accessories that go with the bike including carbon food carrier that areodinamically fits onto the top tube of the frame. Yep, I was impressed.

The 2011 MTB range includes a new dual chamber shock system. To best describe this - for mere roadies like myself - its a new system that keeps your back wheel closer to the ground when you go over multiple rocks / bumps on the track. With the existing single chamber system, the bike is unable to recover in between multiple bumps which causes the back wheel to come off the ground more, resulting in less control for the rider. There are some pretty cool video's on the Trek website that show this better than I can explain it.

For 2011 the choices available for the road section are amazing - probably too much to go into in a single blog posting. There are now H1, H2 and H3 fit bikes, madone series 6, 5, 4 and 3. A majority of the bikes come in a range of colours (at least two for most bikes). Even the series 2 and series 1 line up of bikes are better this year. To be honest, when I first saw the pictures on the web for the 2011 bikes, I was a bit disappointed with the paint work on the bikes, but in the flesh, they are really awesome bikes. Pictures do not do them justice. Even a majority of the WSD bikes look great - not that I'll be getting a WSD fit!! No pink bikes though.

By mid 2011 a huge range of Bontrager P and A - or soft something - will be available to us in Australia. Trek have really done their homework in this department and there are tonnes of great products that will be coming our way, from tool bags, gloves, helmets, lights, tires (which do come in pink) and shoes. Its going to be a pretty exciting 2011.

Today we are back in school - looking at the WSD range, pavement bikes and something else?? This afternoon we are going to the Madison concept store and then on to a reception at John Burkes place.