Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Encounter Of A Lifetime

Heading to the opening keynote presentation last nite, we were both pretty excited - but not really knowing what to expect. We certainly weren't expecting to bump into the one and only Mr Gary Fisher as we walked into the Ballroom.

There he was - right there in front of us. Of course Thunder took the opportunity for a quick photo snap, and Mr Fisher willingly obliged!!

When its daytime in the Land Down Under, Grainfed will get the photo up on the blog for all to drool over.

Last nite Trek announced a new relationship with Fisher and released the 2011 Fisher Collection. Do they look impressive - you bet. Not as impressive though as the 2011 Booth which has every single Bontrager and Trek product available.

Today we get a better, up close look at these products and will be in Trek school for the remainder of the day.

Ps - The Dom, make sure you get yourself educated on who Mr Fisher is!!!