Sunday, August 8, 2010

Here We Go....

Here we go - two little country bumpkins - heading off on our big adventure to Trek Headquarters in the US.

At the moment, we're killing time in the Qantas lounge in Brisbane. The trip was off to a delayed start - by 2 hours in the Gladstone airport... and the coffee shop wasn't open!!! It was a very long 2 hours.

Anyway, let's get on with some results from Cunningham.

SpyCat has claimed her first open win in womens racing. Upgraded to B grade women in the last few days before the race, SpyCat came in with the bunch kick and took out the win. To match her victory, SpyCat picked up 2nd place in the QOM earlier in the race.

The Proclaimer stayed upright this time and came home in the leading bunch - not able to claim a place, but extremely happy to be in the lead bunch.

Bushy scored a 2nd place in the KOM in elite B grade and came home in 7th place in the final kick.

In masters C, Tuggy also rode strongly and came home with a 5th place for his efforts??

In a very elite, and tough field of U19 whippets, Grainfed found the pace too hot to handle just before the climb and got busted. Trust me Grainfed, you're not the only one who has ridden home alone - and you won't be the last!

Well done to everyone who raced. If I've botched the results (I'm getting them third hand from Thunder) than don't let the truth get in the way of a good story!!

Ride safe this week everyone. Zulu - you're in charge next Saturday morning. Make sure you keep everyone in the gutter.