Saturday, August 14, 2010

In The Land Of The Living

Well, we're back in the land of oz - just. After more than 24 hours of travelling, we're in Sydney airport waiting for our last flight of the day back to Brisbane.

A lot of the flight from LA was spent doing some Trek homework, deciding which bikes to put on the floor etc for the 2011 year - there is an awful lot to choose from this year.

When the 2011 bikes land, there will be a few demo bikes in store for riders to take out and ride for the day. At this stage it looks like there will be a Madone series bike (probably 4 series), Fuel EX8 for the dirt munchers an FX WSD bike and possibly a Speed Concept bike.

There will also be some new bikes on the floor next year, possibly a few of the Gary Fisher Collection bikes and some new womens specific bikes.

That's it for now. I swear I'm still on a plane, the computer screen is moving that bad!!

Don't forget the easy Sunday morning bunch ride will roll out from Bunnings at 5:30am tomorrow morning.