Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Half Dozen Ride

Um, now I know the rides on the weekend got drowned and it was raining yesterday morning - but what was everyones excuse this morning????? MMMMM I'm waiting!!!!

Only 6 of us got to experience the perfect conditions of this morning. Six of us soon became 4 in the paceline when the Dom and the Dentist both pulled flatties near the dump and on Hanson road. After the flatties, Thunder must have been in hell trying to draft behind the Kitty-Cat sandwich - I didn't really sorry for you Matty, you need a bit of a work out - oh, that's right, you're tapering for this weekend!

Well done to Paul (green Trek) who climbed Haddock Drive for the first time this morning. I dare say it won't be the last. Unfortunately, that hill has an attraction that just keeps us going back for some strange reason - it certainly has nothing to do with enjoyment.

See you all this arvo for the easy town float or the MTB ride - don't forget they roll out at 5:30pm from the back of the shop.