Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tuesday Nite Ride

Well the Tuesday nite rides are slowly attracting more and more roadies - which is great to see.

The Bird Whisperer's statement that "Magpies don't swoop the bunch" was completely blown out of the water when the Route D Swooper snuck up and gave Bushy an ear bashing from behind as we turned onto Auckland Street - and he was at the front of the pack!!

Grainfed did a great job of barking over the boys last night - more of a scarey dog bark than the usual friendly roll over. But a good job none the less!

A new character joined the bunch last nite - Carl. I guess Carl is what you would call an "inspiration". At the end of March Carl embarked on a 100+ day solo adventure that involved cycling to the top of Cape York, canoeing across to PNG and THEN walking the Kakoda Track! Welcome to the bunch Carl.