Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Ride - 14th September

The warmer weather this morning doubled the numbers on last weeks Tuesday ride.

I would have liked to say that the paceline was a little easier with double the numbers - but alas it was not - the pace was HOT!!! An average of 40.25k/hr for the 13k paceline - stats courtesy of LG.

Three riders take out the "Rider of the Day" award - Dave the Dentist, pulled turns all the way until just before the single lane on Hanson road the second time around (no flats today for DD), Sweeny Todd, pulled turns until after the bunch started heading towards Spinnaker Park - and then still had enough left at the end to have a dig at the kick!! And Bushy, smooth as silk and riding to the bunches ability.

Excellant paceline work everyone... it was definately one of the smoothest we've ever had!

Oh, congrats to Thunder who flexed his muscles on the weekend at the Crit in Maryborough and pulled off a second place behind Brisbane's Tony Wood. For his effort, Thunder picked up a sweet two hundy - not bad for 30 minutes of blocking.... I mean work!