Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day One - Maryborough Masters

Well the boys have been racing all day today, with the time trial this morning and the road race this afternoon.

Time trial results - In Masters 3, Dark Horse took out 2nd place behind the Sunshine Coasts "Grudge Holding" Patten. Zulu claimed third place in Masters 4????

Road race - Dark Horse was once again the bridesmaid in Masters 3 - again behind Patten. Zulu split the pack in Masters 4 in the final k's of the race and stayed away for the win. The Silent Assassin missed his opportunity to hang onto the back of Zulu for an easy ride home and came in with the bunch.

Out at Geelong for the womens road race, the crowds were bigger, the excitement was greater and the final laps spectacular. The Aussie girls worked hard through out the race, but just couldn't hang on when the big guns in the field came to the front in the last 3 laps. We got some fantastic shots at the start line of the womens field. Thunder even tried to get Judith Arndt's attention by screaming her name at the top of his voice!!! Mind you, he didn't get her attention but he did turn the heads of a few of the other girls!!!

If today is anything to go by, tomorrows men's race will be HUGE. We have to remember that we switch to daylight savings time tomorrow morning, so it will be an early start for us. The race heads off from Federation square at 10am. Its going to be tough to hold position in the crowd up against the barriers for the final lap, but I'm sure we'll do fine!!!