Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Movie Ride

It was a pretty decent turnout for this mornings recover ride - even Croz was there!! Croz, you just gotta keep turning up, we've been keeping the ride going just for you - you're the one who got it all started!

The Tandem Twosome even backed up for the double this morning. Zulu was lucky going up Kirkwood hill that he didn't drop the wheel in front... not quite sure how it could possibly be that JUST Zulu almost dropped the wheel, I thought tandems had two riders!!!!

The White Knight was very good a dishing out a bit of name calling to young Grainfed on his new Trek. In royal fashion, the White Knight has crowned Grainfed "The Platinum Potato".

Coming into the kick - which started along the dump road, thanx to PP - everyone was going for the first place in the line at Maccas. That was until the bunch rode straight into an RBT on the side of the road at Chanel!! That put the brakes on everyone.

Another great ride everyone - The company was fantastic. See you all (and those who will be back from Noosa) next Sunday.