Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Ride - 30th October

I don't think the ride could have been more perfect this morning - big bunch, great conditions... oh, hang on, yes it could - there's this squeak, in my bike. Kind of a whistlely annoying squeaky pesky sound that followed me ALL ride. Any ideas, please let me know!

For the second week in a row, new rider Ross aka "Rays Brother" has turned up for the bunch ride, Hitters style - not once has he missed a turn, dodged a hill or dropped off the back. I think everyone agrees that its great to have Rays Brother join the bunch - just hope he becomes a permanent fixture!!

Grainfed was also on the ride with his new bling machine - a 2011 Trek 5.5 with SRAM Force. Welcome to the BIG Trek family Grainfed and the ever growing Carbon Club.

At the top of Haddock the girls made a somewhat desperate attempt to escape off the front of the bunch in order, too um, get to maccas first ahead of the boys!! We thought we were home until on the top of Cockatoo where we were caught and demoralised by Bushy and The Vulcher. What was even worse was when we got to Maccas - Thunder was already there, having taking all of the short cuts to avoid the hills!!

Don't forget tomorrows ride is back to a 5:30am start - see you all there for an easy float to recover the legs from today.

Oh and before I forget, Pyney, you will need your "late note" for missing this mornings ride!!