Friday, October 8, 2010

Thursday Nite Ride

Well the warmer weather is definately bringing out more riders for the Thursday nite float. We had a couple of new riders in the pack last nite - Rose (Chris Bakers wife) and Tiger (a visitor from Mackay). We also need to mention that Lisa (Bloomers Partner) is now also a resident M1 rider, having moved up permanently from the Sunny Coast!!

All up we had a bunch of around 20. The pace was easy going and the chatter just as good.

OH!! I almost forgot... at the Hanson Road lights on the 2nd lap the bunch saw a lone cyclist heading along Hanson Road. Now usually this rider turns the female heads as he is somewhat a bit of a biff boy, but last nite he turned the heads of every rider in the pack when we saw that he was wearing nothing but bib-n-brace!!! Fabio, I don't care how biff you are - that was NOT a good look!!!! And no Sweeny, we won't EVER be having a "Bib Only" bunch ride!!

Anyways, great ride everyone. Don't forget tomorrow morning at 4:45am from Hungries and 5:30am from Bunny's.

And if you're in the shop today... ask about Matty's "stolen" Madone...