Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday Ride - 19th October

This morning definately has to be titled the Traffic Ride - the amount of cars on the road for the Tuesday ride is getting unbelievable.

Joan turned up for her first ride back on the bike since her world championship race - don't know where you disappeared to after Auckland hill though Joan???? Too much of a good holiday I think!!

The White Nite (happy now Sweeny??) and Dave the Dentist had the ride of the paceline this morning. From next week, the bunch is going to turn left after the Coin Slot sprint and head back down Hanson Road - the traffic on the Dump Road is getting a little hairy at that time of the morning.

Only three headed out to Haddock Drive, but all had their skirts on and didn't do the extention.... there must be secret spies up on Haddock.

The Tugmaster was spotted at Night Owl around 8am after the ride - unfortunately without a bike. Come back Tuggy - we miss you!!