Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Riding

Saturday - Sometimes you think that when you've been riding for more than six years, you'd probably think that no more records could be broken, no new conditions experienced etc etc etc. Well after Saturday's ride, that theory was completely blown out of the water. The bunch - or what there was of it - set a new record low across the way - 19k/hr. It was horrid. It was windy, it was cold, the boys were nagging and whinging the whole way, the Dom was half wheeling and Pyney smashed me up River Ranch hills. The ride only got better when SpyCat, Pyney and I came straight into town and left the naggers to tackle Haddock on their own.

Sunday - Ahhhh, much better conditions - but bitterly cold, or am I just soft? I think 10 degrees along Kirkwood. A much bigger turn up for the Sunday float which was good to see. Its only a shame a few of those extra horses weren't there on Saturday!!!

Monday - who wears arm warmers and knee warmers in October? Come on Mother Nature - get you're act together!!!