Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Weekend That Was

Well the boys are putting the final coat on the shop floor, ready for tomorrow - it looks pretty good. A big thanx to Krystal Kranks and LG who have helped out tirelessly over the weekend.

Yesterdays ride was pretty awesome. Meow. 18 riders left the start + we picked up the Mouse-inator at Orica (don't ask what was the go there). Meow. It was discovered that the secret to Ben 10's extreme form is not genetic, its actually in the Superman Undies he wears under his knicks!!! Meow. Green Trek Paul went wayward on River Ranch hills and the M1 mobile service car had to be called in for a rescue. Meow. Welcome back to the bunch Lone Ranger who did the bunters ride - not sure if he'll be back next week?? Meow. Congrats to Cannondale Cam who turned right and survived the hitters ride. Meow.

Today. Just as awesome but not as fast - except for when Cannondale Cam was on the front. Whiffo managed to make it out of bed today for the ride - good to see you back Whiff. This bunch is slowly gaining in numbers, which is great to see. Oh, and it is official - the only reason why the King sprints near maccas is to be first in line for a brew!! Next weeks Bunnies ride will leave at the new time of 6:00am - those wanting to do a little bit of speed work before the ride are welcome to contact Thunder or LG for more details.

Congrats to IJ who pulled out a 2nd place in yesterdays Grafton to Inverell in Division 2. Bushy didn't fair so well and pulled out at the 160k mark due to some serious cramping - still a fantastic effort though for the length of time Bushy's been riding!!

Also, our thoughts are with Ashley Curtis at the moment who suffered a suspected heart attack in yesterdays race. We hope you're on the mend soon Ash.