Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Yep Yep Ride

The only bad thing about not pulling turns on the paceline is having to call "in" or "yep" for 13ks. Thankfully though, someone always stops pulling turns before the 2nd lap of Hanson Road, so I get a chance to rest my voice!! Today it was BSB - Thanx Ken!! I'm not sure I take your comment about me being a yappy-flossy as a compliment or not White Knight!!

Ride of the morning has to go to the Mouse-inator. He never missed a turn all paceline and even got some words of encouragement from BSB as we headed out to Spinnaker. Actually BSB, I've never heard you yell that loud - eva!!

The new alternate route back along Hanson road worked well and kept us out of an awful lot of traffic.

Good luck to Dave the Dentist who is heading to Noosa as well this weekend. He too was having an easy ride in the "lounge chair" at the back of the paceline.