Friday, November 26, 2010

The Big Boppa Ride

Last nite the numbers in the bunch were down a little with a few of the regulars being absent from the pack. Maybe it was the wind. It was ordinary. Somehow the cards got shuffled every lap and I ended up with the roaring headwind turn for two laps running!! Note - I must pay more attention when the cards are being shuffled.

Despite the wind, we had two new girls turn up for their first ride with the bunch - Holly and Christine. Both girls rode extremely well for their first ride with the pack - except when Christine missed the turn at the roundabout and nearly took out Grainfed!!! That reminds me. Grainfed scored himself a new blog name on the ride last nite when he was trying to practice "spinning" in the pack. From now until the end of time, Grainfed shall be known as The Big Boppa!!

Adam Mac also made a reappearance on last nites ride - hopefully now he'll be a permanent addition to the pack (this is a hint for you to stay on the bike Adam!). Next week you mite want to remember where the holes are along Chapple St - Squeaker!