Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Don Crosbie Memorial Ride

I'm pleased to say that this mornings ride was far more pleasant than yesterdays. A - it didn't rain. B - there was no headwind. C - the boys weren't smashing!

16 riders rocked up to Bunny's at 4:45am (not so sharp) for the ride out to Many Peaks. We didn't get far before our first mechanical. Croz pulled a flattie along Harvey road (less than 1k from the start!). Must be those Conny's you keep running Croz. Zulu scored a new name after last nites Xmas party effort - Bad Night Bear. Shall we leave it at that Maree????
It was a gentle dog rollover all the way out to the bridge along the Many Peaks road where the bunch pulled up for a pit stop. From what was "heard" (literally from Thunders account of events!) it was a much needed break for the Bad Night Bear! Oh, and it was here that it was noted the Rob was wearing a set of Bontrager XXX Carbon Bling wheels!!!
On we rolled to the second railway crossing where we pulled up for a photo shoot and said our farewells to the 4 who were continuing on to Many Peaks - some had even taken a packed brunch for the trip!
The majority of us turned back and made a beeline for maccas. It was definately a far easier and quicker trip on the way back. I'm claiming full bragging rights for the maccas kick (it doesn't happen often any more so I'll make the most of my day in the sun) after jumping similtaneously from the pack with Dave the Dentist before the roundabout at the bridge. The boys all had their pink tutus on and pulled up for a truck that was CLEARLY going right around the roundabout whilst I cruised to victory across the maccas finish (the crowd was going absolutely wild!!!!!! - just kidding).
I think everyone would agree that this mornings ride was one of the best of 2010.

On the normal Bunny's ride which left at 5:30, the bunch had a turn out of 9 riders - with a couple of newbies thrown in. Roxan on the Demo 5.2 Trek took out the bunch sprint - see what happens when you ride a Trek???!!! after Tuggy blew to pieces going way to early.