Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I always thought that the PowerBlance band was a complete waste of time and money, that was until i discovered that that $60 piece of poorly made rubber band actually works!

I was hanging around the house yesterday, doing nothing on a wet, windy, summers night when i decided to put my PowerBalance band on Andy.

"Doesnt this look like a nice collar" i thought to myself, " I might just leave that on him".

I quickly went to the shops to grab something for tea, and when i got home, the dishes were done, the floor was swept, and the TV had mysteriously turned itself on!

"Whats going on here?" I Yelled. I looked over at the couch and Andy was just laying there with the TV remote in his paws. "oh, I washed up", he said, "also did the floor, and decided to treat myself to some home & away" Andy added.

I was shocked! i didnt know what to think! Again, i hear Andy with a sarcastic whisper, "better not ride in the morning, might get a bit wet."

He was right. Come to think about it, PowerBalance bands are still a waste of money, Who needs cat that does the dishes and tells you what the weather will be like in the morning?