Monday, November 22, 2010

The Soggy Weekend

Does anyone get the feeling that mother nature sometimes works against us roadies? Its half cloudy all week and then when the weekend arrives (along with our favourite rides!) Mother Nature has to turn on the major water works!

On Saturday morning there were only two hardarses in the pack - Rapunzel and Woody. Rapunzel turned up at Hungries, waited for the bunch and then went and did 50k on her own!

Sunday, well, that was a different story. After getting the call up tex from Noel just before 5 in the morning advising that the rain was "clearing" six of us headed to Bunny's. To make up for not riding Saturday the bunch absolutely hammered all the way to Maccas. In fact, we went that hard that Croz busted his shoes along the way. I think it happpened when we were smashing along the highway hill coming back in from Glen Eden. Sweeny Todd claimed the sprint victory on the line. Man I was stuffed by the time we got to maccas. I had to sit there for an hour before I could manage to ride home.

And just remember, everything you read on the blog is true!!!!!